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People may need a free online Track Mobile Number Location for several reasons. As a parent, you may use it to follow where your kid travels, keep a watch on your partner or staff, or determine the origin of a dubious call. The issue now is whether all of this is feasible.
Yes, you may use the Internet to locate a phone number for free. There are several internet methods, such as applications and websites, for determining the precise location of a mobile phone number.

In this post, we will discuss some of the free web resources for locating a phone number.

Online Track Mobile Number Location Information

Recently Received a Missed Call from an Unknown Number? Trace the Location of a Pakistani Mobile Number for Free Using Google Maps. There are No Extensive Steps, Simply Enter the Phone Number, and in Seconds You Will Receive the Owner’s Name, Current Location, City Address, State, Country, Carrier, and Numerous Other Details.

The Process Will Be Conducted Confidentially, We Do Not Save Any Data Unlike Other Websites That Save Data and Spam Your Number Constantly. We Don’t Charge Any Fees and You Can Lookup Unlimited Phone Number Information Without Signing Up.

How Does Track Mobile Number Location Work?

Our Live Pakistan Phone Number Location Tracker Collects Data from Global Network Operators Using System Process and Provides Accurate Details. Following your click on the Trace button, the whole procedure will be completed in milliseconds.

Track Mobile Number Location Information Including Address, Location, and Carrier.

Following the completion of your transaction, your mobile number is filtered using several backend programmes that provide live and accurate information. It is an address-based mobile number tracking system that traces the exact current location of a Pakistani phone, along with its city and state.

Online Line Type Verification of Mobile Numbers

Our Line Type-dependent Pakistan Mobile Tracer Provides Information Regarding the Line Used by a Number, such as Cell Phone or Landline. Sometimes It Is Necessary to Know the Line Type of a Mobile Number Before Dialing That Number Because Call Costs May Vary and There Are Thousands of Other Reasons to Check the Line Type of Telephone Numbers Online.

Why You Might Wish to Determine Someone’s Location

There are several reasons to utilize a mobile phone number to determine a person’s location. For instance, parents may like to know where their children are to ensure their safety. In addition, partners or employers who suspect someone is cheating on them might discover the person’s whereabouts to set their minds at rest.

Use AirDriod Parental Control to View the Phone’s Surroundings and Real-Time Location.
AirDroid has been under ongoing development. AirDroid Parental Control, a tracking programme, was published by the company.
Other capabilities include screen mirroring, SMS and notification synchronization directly from your child’s phone, etc.


  • View your child’s real-time location and be aware of his or her current position.
  • Remotely see, hear, and record the surroundings of your children.
  • Examine his prior location using the location history.
  • Set up secure Geofences to manage your child’s mobility.
  • Reflect the child’s phone screen on the parent’s phone in real time.
  • How to Track the Real-Time Location of Your Child’s Phone Without Their Number and Monitor Them Better


  • Receive immediate notifications when the child enters or exits a geofenced area.
  • Users may listen to the live phone environment of children.
  • Parents may regulate a child’s phone to safeguard him from dangerous persons, places, and material.
  • The camera screencast function guarantees that children’s internet activities are balanced and risk-free in order to keep them safe online.
  • View notifications on the child’s phone, including WhatsApp message alerts, incoming calls, and text messages.
  • For restricting screen time and duration on the mobile device. You may also activate the feature at a certain location.
  • Part 2. 5 Top Mobile Phone Tracking Services Online Free with Location
  • This section is for you if you do not want to install a tracking app on your mobile device. Even if your digital gadget lacks the storage capacity to download an app, you may still monitor a phone number’s position online for free.
  • This section will discuss five websites that may be accessed without downloading an app.

GPS Mobile Number Tracker

It is a free website that enables the internet lookup of mobile phone numbers. It employs GPS, WiFi connections, and cell tower triangulation to determine your historical location. This free internet tool locates a phone number anywhere in the globe.
On the website’s user-friendly interface, it is easy to input the estimated country, country code, and phone number. If the region is located, Google Maps will quickly pinpoint the phone’s location. However, the site is currently in beta. Consequently, its UI is not even close to the greatest.

Track Mobile Number Location

The Phone Location feature displays the current geolocation of the devices you choose to monitor on a map in real time. It is a feature of a website that does not need the installation of any software or applications on your phone or the device you want to target.
The whole tracking procedure takes just a few minutes. It operates in the background and has no impact on the battery life of your phone. It enables users to determine the current location of any mobile device.

You must provide the international format for the country code and phone number of the destination phone number. To begin the search, tap the Launch button. Phone Location can help you locate a phone in over 150 different locations.

Phone Number Tracker

This third website is a free online programme that allows you to trace any phone number. You can locate any landline or mobile phone worldwide. To monitor a landline or mobile phone number, enter the number in the search box and choose its country. You will view the location details online immediately.

Additionally, you may utilize the inquiry button to find for additional information on the phone number’s subscriber. You may discover their entire name, where they reside, and their relatives, among other details. To use their function, click on the link provided.

Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker is one of the finest websites for monitoring mobile and landline phone numbers and tracing bulk SMS senders. This website contains mobile number tracker software that utilizes the operator or service provider of a cell phone number in conjunction with GPS to determine its whereabouts.
All of their services display the results on Google Maps so that users can simply locate the desired gadget and determine the location of the individual. You can locate the location of the gadget and the person you’re searching for in less than 10 seconds. However, take note that it can only monitor Indian and American phone numbers.

Real-time GPS

LiveGPS Search is a free tracking service that allows you to trace your partner by phone number. It takes about 20 seconds to deliver you your search results. Here you may learn more about the service.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How to Locate Mobile Number Information in Pakistan

Tracing Pakistan Mobile Number Details is Now Simple with Our Free Tool; Simply Enter the Mobile Number’s Digits and Our Application Will Do the Rest. In milliseconds, it will get background information and provide it in human-readable format on the same page, without redirecting the user.

How to Determine the Location of an Unknown Pakistan Phone Number

If someone is spamming you and you don’t know who it is, then this tool will be of great use to you, since obviously if someone is harassing you, you will have the phone number’s digits, which you can enter in the field above to trace the location of an unknown phone number. Perhaps you are familiar with the Person and Calling Aspect of Work.

How to Trace the Location of a Lost Phone?

Tracing Location by Mobile Number will not assist you in locating a lost Android phone, since it will only provide the Registered Country, State, and City address. For this, you must equip your smartphone with free spy apps that enable complete phone tracking from another device.

How Can I Determine My Address Using My Mobile Number?

When you phone Customer Support inquiring for the owner’s name and address, you are told that, for privacy reasons, they cannot provide the information. The second option is service stores, but they will also reject, and the last option is the police station, but people only go there when the situation is dire. This Process Requires Significant Time, but Our Free Tool Provides Pakistan Mobile Number Address Information Online and Instantly.

How can I trace a cell phone number by name?

Tracing a Mobile Number by a Person’s Name is Extremely Difficult and Nearly Impossible due to the fact that Names are Numerous but Numbers are Unique and the World’s Population is 7.8 Billion, but You Can Try the TrueCaller Service, which searches and gives you the best results, such as your nearby location etc.

How to Find Someone by Their Phone Number?

If you know a person’s phone number, it’s simple to determine their location, city, and address. You may also check the operator’s information and visit their store to learn more, but you must have a compelling reason.

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